Subwoofer Potenciado con Doble Woofer de 10 "








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The TS2.10 is the mid-level active subwoofer in Tannoy’s innovative and powerful TS2 range. These compact domestic subwoofers draw on Tannoy’s extensive professional and stadium loudspeaker design experience to deliver class-leading low frequency drama and thunderous bass effects. Designed to excel in speed and power, each model uses a powerful digital amplifier and two large, long-throw drivers to output extremely fast and deep bass. The design allows considerable LFE output from a compact cabinet, making the TS2 range ideal for a wide range of home cinema systems.

Inside the double-thickness cabinet the TS2.10 uses the latest class-D digital amplifier technology, running in highly efficient bridge mode and delivering a prodigious 300 Watts RMS of deep bass power. Replacing traditional analogue filter networks, the TS2’s high-speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine handles bass management and all user adjustments. These include simple rotary controls for roll-off frequency, phase and gain, making the TS2 subwoofers as simple to set-up and as they are potent to use. An auto power on/off feature eliminates the need to access the TS2’s controls once set up and further ensures the most power-efficient operation.



Output power
300 W RMS
Low frequency response (-6 dB) 24 Hz
Inputs 2 x phono line level, LFE or stereo
Outputs 2 x phono line level, LFE or stereo
Input filter 50 - 150 Hz, 2nd order low pass, with bypass provision
Driver type 10" (250 mm) active & passive ABR
Enclosure type Closed box, side firing
Enclosure volume 23.1 litre (0.82 cu. ft.)
Additional features Variable phase control 0 - 180 degrees
Signal sensing or always on operation
Dimensions H x W x D

390 x 380 x 328 mm (15.4 x 15 x 13")
Enclosure weight 14.5 kg (31.9 lbs)
Finishes  Dark grey vinyl




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